Perfumes That Guarantee A Compliment (And Aren’t Flowerbomb)

If you are the kind of perfume wearer that has a ‘signature scent,’ this post will be lost on you, keep doing what you’re doing, I am pretty jealous of your commitment. If you are like me though, and are always looking for your next favorite fragrance, read on to see what users all over the internet have deemed to be the biggest compliment-magnets on the market.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 $135.00

Notes: ISO E-Super (Sheer Sandalwood)

Every time I used to see this scent come up on people’s favorite lists, I would always say to myself, “how can it only have one note??!” The moment I smelled it on myself for the first time, I understood the hype. Now this is the most important part about this perfume: don’t write it off until you have sprayed it onto your skin and worn it for a bit. Right out of the bottle in the air does not do this scent justice in the least. This is not the scent that people stop you and say “oh my god are you wearing Molecule 01?” because this smells different on everyone. They will stop you and beg you to write down the product name though!

Le Labo Santal 33 $83.00-$280.00


– Top: violet accord, cardamom.

– Middle: iris, ambrox.

– Base: cedarwood, leather, sandalwood.

You cannot throw a rock in NYC or LA without hitting someone wearing this iconic musky scent from Le Labo. Marketed as unisex, I have met plenty of couples that consider this fragrance just as much a part of their relationship connection as their shared love of Italian food. Be warned though, this is one of those scents that for some reason smells bizarre on a handful of people, so always test it out on your skin before forking over the money.

Killian Love, Don’t Be Shy $240.00

Notes: Orange blossom, Vanilla, Luscious Marshmallow

This is the perfume to wear if you want that guy you spotted at the bar to finally stop you and strike up a conversation. Sweet smells are the weakness of many men, and all of my friends always says an almost candy-like smell gets them the most male compliments. The marshmallow notes in this Killian bestseller hover just below the line of ‘too much,’ while the vanilla base notes keep it smelling mature and sexy.

Fresh Cannabis Santal $50.00

Notes: Wild Strawberries, Kumquat, Dark Plum, Patchouli, Magnolia, Rose, Chocolate, Vetiver, Vanilla Musk.

This is another amazing unisex scent that is both understated but consistent. The vetiver gives a dark, masculine feel, which is then perfectly balanced by the delicately feminine magnolia and rose notes. The chocolate undertones are the thing that will make people around you stop and linger for a moment, it is extremely unique.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 $180.00-$575.00

Notes: Jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, ambergris

I absolutely CANNOT find a bad review of this perfume. Actually, I can’t seem to find a review that doesn’t call this the best thing ever created. Trust me, I have tried everything to make buying this INSANELY expensive perfume a non-necessity, but the harder I look, the more I am convinced I need to spend an entire paycheck on the biggest bottle I can get. I have smelled this perfume in store, and I can only describe the feeling as what I imagine getting a quick kiss from [insert celebrity crush here] would be like; so happy it happened, but undeniably devastated that it will most likely never happen again.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach $350.00

Notes: Peche de Vigne Accord, Blood Orange Oil, Davana Oil, Labdanum Absolute, Patchouli Oil Indonesia, Sandalwood Oil New Calendonia

Personally, very fresh citrus scents just don’t grab my attention most of the time. Add a slightly bitter edge to them though, and I will definitely do a double take. This newer scent from Tom Ford is not only housed in a stunningly modern bottle, but it also manages to turn the orange bitters trope on its head. The patchouli and sandalwood make this perfume linger, while the sweet peach notes add just enough freshness and femininity to make it memorable.

BYREDO Night Veils Reine de Nuit $330.00


– Top notes: saffron, black currant
– Middle notes: incense, midnight rose
– Base notes: ambrette seeds, black amber, patchouli

This concentrated scent from BYREDO is the equivalent of heavily lidded bedroom eyes. It is very heavy and dark, but so undeniably sexy. With only the slightest note of midnight rose to lighten it up, this scent is definitely a night time splurge. Don’t be turned off though, despite it’s heaviness, this perfume never overwhelms, and can even be paired with lighter scents nicely.

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower $78.00-$390.00


– Top notes: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute
– Middle note: Tuberose Absolute
– Base notes: Coconut, White Musks Cocktail

This is a desert island scent, despite the awful name sounding like something your sexually-liberated aunt might say while describing the loss of her virginity. Carnal Flower is one of those perfumes that actually makes people stop you in the street and pull up the product on their phone for them. Stories abound of taxi drivers and waiters begging for the details of this fragrance to buy for their significant other. So why isn’t absolutely everyone wearing this? The absurd price tag of course.

Let me know what perfume gets you the most comments!

Glowingly yours,


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