Who Am I?


My name is Jessica Hoffman. I hail from Philadelphia, and have somehow found myself down in the beautiful Alabama sunshine! I have a love for all things beauty, both inside and out, and I wanted to create this space to share that love with the world. I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with products and brands honestly and without bias.

I promise to always give a full, uninfluenced review of any product, as I want to be a reliable stop you can make before purchasing a product. Let me tell you a little but about myself so you can see where my point of view on different products come from:

I have fair to light skin, with a neutral/pink undertone. I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes, and my skin ranges from oily (in my t-zone) to random dry spots around my nose. I break out every now and then, and sometimes struggle with irritation because my skin can be quite sensitive.

My hair is very long and thick. I try to wash it only three times a week. It has been colored many times over the past few years, but now it is very close to my natural light brown shade. It can get very oily at the roots, while the ends dry out very fast. It naturally dries very straight and flat.

Questions? I can always be reached by email!



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